Del-Bac Sales is pleased to be importing and distributing Actistatin from GLC Direct. Del-Bac has been owned and operated by the Steiner family since its inception in 1967. 

Understanding horses and their physiology is Basic to a successful Endurance career. Joe & Carol Steiner have been heavily involved in Equestrian Endurance riding since 1982. With 12,000 logged competition miles, Carol has competed at North American Championship competitions and World Championships.  FEI 3Star & 4Star.

In 2009, Carol and Jumpin' Jax were 4th in FEI Meydan Open Combination World Ranking. The following year, the same pair became 160 km Canadian Endurance Champion Individual& Team Gold. Their own 20+ year old grey gelding with over 5,000 completed Endurance miles (over 8,000 km) became a candidate to test Actistatin Equine.  He definitely began to move more energetically with increased ease and elasticity.  

Their aged dog found it painful to move, laborious to raise from his bed or climb stairs.  They introduced Actistatin Soft Chews. Within four days he was much improved and that continued. 

Joe and Carol had previously discovered Actistatin by GLC Direct at several Equine Trade Shows. They were very impressed with the company, owner, employees and especially the products. Joe and Carol began to accompany Actistatin by GLC to trade shows to learn more about the products. It was apparent that this product was exceptional after hearing testimonials from satisfied customers and knowing themselves that the product truly works. 

ACTISTATIN Quality Standards will always be ensured and maintained.  The manufacturer, GLC Direct LLC (Kentucky, U.S.A., incorporated in 2001) is a member of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC). All products are subject to random testing, and third party audits.

ACTISTATIN has complete faith in their products and offers a 30 day money back guarantee.

If you’re concerned about adding a new supplement to your animal’s diet, please consult with your veterinarian or health care provider.

For the Health Management and Love of your Four Legged Friends, please order Actistatin today!