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GLC joint supplements for humans are not yet available in Canada.



"I am a BELIEVER. And you have a customer for life”

 "I have been home from Rolex for a day and a half. That means my girl Roxie has only had THREE doses of the Actistatin Canine Soft Chew sample you generously gave me- the effect is nothing short of remarkable! Because of my experience with the Actistatin Equine version, I had no doubt of the benefit that would be seen in this product as well. But so soon! And so dramatic! I am practically in tears to see my old girl literally acting years younger, overnight.

Veterinarian Prescription remedies for her arthritis do work, however the pills or capsules are difficult for me to disguise. Obviously, her age and limited mobility have given her a "plus size” figure, and the last thing she needs is all the extra cheese and peanut butter it takes me to convince her to swallow a pill! She happily devoured the Actistatin Canine Soft Chews immediately. She has been back to her younger, happy, bouncing, jumping, running, barn-pup of her younger years. I am a BELIEVER. And you have a customer for life! Thank you!!!”

- Megan Woods and Roxie


"Displaying the OBVIOUS benefits of Actistatin Equine”

"I have regularly used joint injections for my "older” event horses (aka anything over 12). It wasn’t until I leased out my retired guy, off the track thoroughbred, to teach the ropes to a novice rider that I discovered Actistatin Equine. Part of my lease agreement was that they keep all his joints injected. The cost of this was prohibitive to their lease. I was not a fan of feed-through supplements, as he could be a picky eater, and I believed that in the long run, they did more damage to the gut system than was ever saved monetarily by avoiding the injections from my veterinarian. But after researching the company- GLC Direct, I allowed the lease under the agreement that they would keep my guy on Actistatin Equine.

After 3 years now, Ceasar has been happily bringing lower level riders up the grades, and I am happy to report that he is happily eating and displaying the OBVIOUS benefits of Actistatin Equine. He has had a long career, first at the race track, and now for the last 10 years as an event horse. He is still happily galloping around, pinging over prelim fences like he did 8 years ago. It makes me so happy, and for this I THANK YOU.”

- Megan Woods and Ceasar


Actistatin Canine Success Story!

"I just wanted to thank you so much for the sample for Corey! He’s gone from a creaky 12 year old who can’t quite make it up on the bed, back to sleeping on my feet and chasing squirrels! In 10 days! Wish I had known about you sooner! Kind regards, Suzi ibach”

- Suzi ibach


Madeline Backus and Actistatin Equine

"Actistatin Equine has really helped me and my horse reach our goals. It helps her feel comfortable and the stiffness in her joints has disappeared. I love that you get so much in just a small container, loaded with so many proven ingredients backed by great research. The compact container also makes traveling uncomplicated. It’s amazing that so little can go such a long way. I highly recommend it!”

– Madeline Backus 


Mika – Picky Eater Loves Actistatin Canine!

"You would think a 120 pound mixed-breed would eat just about anything. Not so! We have tried several joint supplements, mixing them with his food, only to waste the entire meal. Actistatin is the first product he will eat readily from my hand!”

- Pamela Houtz


 Susan Hosey, MWI Animal Health

"I am writing to tell you my experience with the Actistatin Equine. I started using the product in the Fall of 2015 on my 17yr gelding Remy.  He was diagnosed in 2008 with arthritis in his right hock. He has always struggled with conformation in the foot and placement, picking up the leads and dragging the toe. He has been dosed with the Actistatin once daily ( 2 scoops) regularly since then and my farrier has noticed the conformation of the foot is changing, becoming more straight and he is not dragging his toe. I have had limited time of riding due to weather this winter as you can see but when he is on turn out he runs and kicks up his heels and seems to feel really good. I have also been giving it to my 10yr mare who had previously not had any issues but she is a sturdy horse that I ride long distances on the trail when weather permits and want her to remain sound.

I am very happy with the product. It extremely easy to dose and takes a small amount for an average horse so a jar even on 2 horses lasts me over a month and a half! I have not had any issues with palatability, I just mix it into a small amount of grain. I plan to continue the use of the product and can’t wait to ride this Spring!”

- Susan Hosey, MWI Animal Health


Country Ridge Great Danes – Actistatin Canine

David and Gwlynda Irek – Breeder / Exhibitor
Home of Harlequin and Mantle Champions and Grand Champions Great Danes
"As an Exhibitor and Breeder of Great Danes, we focus on health, temperament, conformation and keeping our dogs in top physical condition. The Great Dane breed is prone to joint issues because of the fast pace of physical growth and weight gain.

MUSE COUNTRY RIDGE CALYNDA - At the age of 6 years old Country Ridge Calynda seemed to be lying down and sleeping most of the day. We ran a full blood panel on her to eliminate any type of disease, infection, bacteria and etc. All the results were ‘Normal’ which narrowed it down to joint pain.  We have given our Great Danes many different Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplements to maintain free movement and pain free joints but nothing compared to the results from Actistatin Canine. Within 7 days of starting Calynda on the Actistatin supplement she was playing like a puppy again and running around 5 acres chasing squirrels. With those results I decided to start giving Actistatin Canine to all my Great Danes as a maintenance program. Now as my Great Danes gait around the show ring I do not even feel them on the end of the led because they are gliding around the ring with a full range of pain free movement in their joints. We will continue to have Actistatin as our #1 Joint Supplement for all our show dogs and I highly recommend these products to other exhibitors and breeders of all breeds. Thanks!"

- Gwlynda Irek, Exhibitor / Breeders


Ruth Pugh – Actistatin Equine

"My 24 year old horse who has happily returned to trail riding this year after starting on Actistatin Equine in April. His name is Fred (Call Me An Agent-registered name). He is a quarter horse and I have owned him since he was 4. A few years ago I basically retired him to only very sporadic and short rides because he seemed uncomfortable and at times was lame. Now he is back full of spunk and attitude and thoroughly enjoying 3 hour trail rides.”

- Ruth Pugh


Cooper Bromley – Actistatin Canine

"On behalf of my Great Dane, Cooper…..I want to thank you for your amazing product. This daily med is responsible for his quality of life. I adopted this gentle giant at 4 months of age.   But, by 7 months he was developing such joint pain… I wasn’t sure how long we were going to keep him going.  I actually feared I would have to put him down. Seeing him in pain was horrible! Well….our vet recommended Actistatin and he has been given a new lease on life. He can keep up with our two pups and is still leader of the pack on our ten acres. I ran out once, and was shocked to see that in just 2 days he was back in pain and not getting off his bed.  Never again will we miss a single day!!  Keep up the good work, and know that you have made a huge difference in our lives……Sincerely, and with much appreciation…”

- Molly Bromley


Actistatin Canine – Steven McAfee

"Dear GLC Direct,

We have been using GLC Direct products for our Golden Retriever, Simcha for several years now. Simcha ("Sim-ka”– Hebrew for "joyful”) is a male, dark Golden Retriever who is now eleven years old. When he was almost two years old, he was playing with a number of other dogs at a large reservoir and took a tumble on some loose stones. He sprained his front leg badly and was hobbling for a month or so, but recovered. He is a very athletic dog who loves to run, romp, and most of all, fetch tennis balls (he can carry 4 at once in his mouth!). Between the age of four and five, he began getting some stiffness in his front elbow and also developed some arthritis in his back hip. When he was asleep for a long time and then got up, especially from a couch he naps on, he got up very slowly and with obvious discomfort. After he stretched out a while, he was back to his playfully energetic self, and it did not seem to bother him. But if he romped hard with the grandkids, he was noticeably sore later.

We heard about GLC Direct from doing online research into glucosamine supplements. We started giving them to him and noticed a significant improvement within a month or so. Later, during his seventh year, he began having problems again getting up and down from his nap couch. We called GLC Direct and one of your helpful agents told us about Actistatin Canine. We got some from our vet and put him on the Actistatin Canine instead of the GLC 1000. Within two weeks, his stiffness upon arising was gone! He has been on it daily ever since. And, while he is eleven now and finally is beginning to tire more easily than before, he still has very little difficulty getting up and down and still runs like a five-year old. We attribute that to the Actistatin Canine. In addition, we have a friend with a min-Aussie who is ten years old and was having some joint issues. She started him on Actistatin and has likewise noticed a marked improvement in his flexibility and mobility. So, this product really works! Thank you!"

- Steven and Ani McAfee, Fort Wayne, IN


Alison and Lily – Actistatin Equine

"I was immensely disappointed in a March when x-rays showed arthritis in Lily’s hocks – she’d only been eight years old for four days! The x-rays were done not because of lameness issues but because of a persistent sore on her right hock. The vet explained that what I had believed to be a bed sore was, in fact, a rub generated by her getting up and down in a manner compensating for joint discomfort…

Fortunately for both of us, I found the Actistatin booth at Rolex Kentucky. Lily began adding Actistatin Equine to her program on Tuesday, April 28th, and now, only three weeks out, is displaying pronounced improvement! Her movement under saddle is much more readily hind-end propelled and fluid, and, wonder of wonders, her sore is healing! Even the farrier noticed her improved comfort during trimming/shoeing (he has been working with her for nearly a year), and her appointment with him was on her two-week mark with Actistatin. I am SO pleased!! I can finally feel comfortable asking her to step up her conditioning and jump schooling. She’s never had an issue with the product’s taste, and the relief I feel in avoiding injections is incredible. Thank you so, so much for this product!!"

- Alison and Lily


Canine Actistatin – Allison Brys, DVM

"I have an almost 9 year old Newfoundland named Levi. I got him as a puppy and at 3 years old he tore his right cranial cruciate ligament. He had a TPLO and did well for 2 years. At age 5 he tore his left cranial cruciate ligament and had a a lateral suture repair. He did fine until about 1 year ago when he started having problems with some stiffness and weakness issues in both rear legs. I tried giving him an NSAID, but this upset his stomach and he didn’t eat well. He also continued to have limited mobility. Dr. Brys had recommend I try the Actistatin canine chews. I did and after about a week Levi’s appetite was back and better than it had been in a month and then after a few weeks his stiffness and weakness were greatly improved. He was maintained on just the Actistatin and his general attitude improved and he wanted to go on walks again!”

- Allison Brys, DVM is the Chair of the Public Education Committee for the OVMA and Area Representative for the Columbus Academy of Veterinary Medicine.


Canine Actistatin

"I used Actistatin for my 11yr old American Bulldog. She had gone through 2 TPLO surgeries in her crazy youth, so had titanium in both back legs and was kind of creaky as she got older. Actistatin did wonders for her and she was wiggling and wagging again. It really is a great product.”

- Lorri Mitchell, MWI Vet Supply, Inc.




Sharon White – 4 Star Eventer – Actistatin Equine!

"Every chiropractor, massage therapist, and vet that looks at my horses remarks on how good they feel, and I owe it all to the superb joint support they are getting from Actistatin. My horses work hard for me, and with Actistatin, I know I am giving them the best support possible.” 

– Sharon White



Dr. John Piehowicz II DVM

"Through the course of my practice, I have found GLC to be the best oral joint supplement on the market. I recommend GLC Products with the utmost confidence because I know it works. The results are undeniable.”

- Dr. John Piehowicz II DVM 


Canadian Olympic Team Member & World Game Three Day Eventor. She knows what works & tells everyone about it.

"I have had my best season ever since starting on GLC 5500. After being selected to represent Canada for the World Equestrian Games, I use GLC for all my horses, my dogs, myself and recommend it to my veterinary clients. Thank you for such a wonderful product.”

- Penny Rowland

We saw more than just a little improvement! New Fans of the Actistatin® Equine Product.

"Our 18-year-old Lustitano began showing unevenness in one hind leg. We had him injected, and that helped for a little while, but the problem started to return. Rather than continue with injections, we decided to try the Actistatin Equine joint product. After just 45 days we were astonished to see not just a little improvement, but the unevenness was completely gone. We highly recommend this product, not only for horses with current joint issues, but also for preventive maintenance – we now use it with our younger horses as well. When the joints are healthy, the horses are fresher in their attitude and more freer in their movement.”

- Tina Cristiani Veder & Bruno Gonzales


Hankins Stables

"My mare was so lame, I was going to put her out to pasture for breeding. Then I put her on Actistatin and she’s back in the show ring! This product really works. I use nothing else. If your horses have joint problems, I recommend Actistatin highly. It really works!”

- Jamie Hankins


Desperation to Ecstasy… Actistatin® Equine Delivers.

"I came across this product at Equine Affair in Columbus, OH last month. I spoke to the developer of the product, Shawn, in length about my mule, River, and his struggle with founder. I’ve tried so many products on the market with little or no results and have spent a small fortune. Shawn told me I would see results fairly quickly and I have to admit I was a little skeptical after using products with similar claims with no results, however my desperation outweighed my skepticism. River wouldn’t eat his oats with the supplement sprinkled on them so we mixed it with applesauce and fed it to him through a syringe. River was in so much pain he spent the majority of his day lying down, so we moved him out of the pasture and into the round pen. After 3 days I noticed he was standing up more often and moving around more. I was so excited, thinking this stuff is the real thing! I am happy – no, ecstatic to report that after 7 days on this wonderful product, my little guy appears to be pain free and gaiting around the pasture again with his buddy Kody! I can’t thank you enough for developing this awesome product! Actistatin Equine will be part of River’s daily feedings from now on. Thank you…thank you…thank you!!!"

- Katie Dunn


Actistatin & Taking a Shot… Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained.

"I have to say this product has worked wonders for my mare who last summer could not even walk across the pasture. I found out she had navicular and started corrective shoes, supplements, and bute nothing worked. She was always lame on her right front and some time her left and sometimes her rear. I raised this horse until she was 3 then had to sell her and got her back 10 years later with all these problems that were unknown to me when I got her back. I finally took her to MSU and found she had an old knee injury with bony destruction and limited options. They were to inject her joint with steroids up to 3 times a year or arthrodesis! She got her first joint injection in December and by April she was showing mild lameness signs again and that is when I met Mark- a rep for Actistatin at Equine Affaire and thought I would give it a shot, what do I have to lose?

It is going on three months now and she is doing great! I have barrel raced, taken trail rides, etc. and she shows no signs of slowing down! I only can hope it continues to work. If it could help this train wreck, it can help anyone!”

- Robyn Hamilton

Featured on the Cover of Young Rider Magazine, this is one to watch in the evening field!

"Actistatin Equine is the BEST joint supplement ever for your horse or pony. No matter what type of riding you do, from Eventing, to Saddleseat, Reining, and even Trail Riding, your horse gets joint wear, and sore joints cause pain to your horse. If you have a horse that has some injuries try Actistatin Equine.”

- Bobbie Jones

Recommends Actistatin for Horses, Humans & Dogs too!
 "Have been using GLC for horses, humans and dogs now for several years. It is the ONLY joint supplement I recommend to my clients, patients and friends. Just when I thought it could not get any better it, not only did they add Actistatin® for improved adsorption but they made into a highly palatable chewy "treat” for dogs. My dogs love it, even my fussy little Joy dog will beg for more Actistatin dog "treats!”

- Suzanne M. W., DVM


Rebecca Jackson & Cody

"I just wanted to tell you guys Thank you!! YOU have changed the world for our dog, Cody! He’s a Nine-year-old Samoyed/Rottie cross who has really bad arthritis in his hips, knees and shoulders. We have tried all sorts of pet store glucosamines and always saw very little result. We tried GLC 1000 for awhile and it was good but he was still sore and sluggish. He would have good days and bad days where he would cry when getting up from lying down. It was breaking our hearts. Then we found Actistatin Canine! We had asked to try some kind of sample as it’s expensive and we didn’t want to switch him from GLC if this one wouldn’t work any better. We gave him the first chew and within 12 hours he was scratching his ear, something I have NEVER seem him successfully do since we adopted him in 2010. We finished the trial and decided for financial reasons to finish the bottle of GLC 1000 we had already purchased. We just got in his first order of Actistatin just over 1 week ago and the improvement is astounding! He’s more agile, playful and happy! He doesn’t whine or groan when getting up anymore and has the energy of a much younger dog! I’ve included a before picture and an after video, just look at the difference that it has made. The picture is from July last year and he looks miserable. At that time he was on a pet store brand of glucosamine. And below is a video of a week on Actistatin!”

- Rebecca Jackson


Wendy & Honey

"In her 18th year Honey had begun to slow down, resting most of the day and disinterested in life. Within 48 hours on the Actistatin® Canine she was running, greeting us at the door and spectacularly alert. Each dog we have we have offered the treats to has responded enthusiastically!”

- Wendy


Shari Corsaro & Piglet: She’s back!

"I wanted to let you know that my six year old pug, Piglet, had been diagnosed with not only a collapsing trachea but also has hip dysplasia and the beginnings of osteoarthritis. She had been favoring a hind leg and preferred to sulk on the couch rather than run, play, and exhibit that pug silliness. I am THRILLED to let you know that after less than a couple of weeks on Actistatin Canine, she began to run and jump on the couch again. Now, after 2 months of continuous use, the gooselike honking cough that is a symptom of a collapsing trachea is virtually nonexistent as well. THANK YOU SO MUCH! She loves the chews so much that I have to remember that they’re not just a treat…they’re a treatment. This is a dog that is so picky, she won’t eat wet food or any kind of biscuits at all and it is SO nice to find a chew that doesn’t have wheat or corn in it, as she has allergies. You gave me my dog back.”

- Shari Corsaro


Lexington Mounted Patrol Officer Rakes & Jester: Good police horses are worth their weight in gold!

"GLC keeps them ready to go!"
- Officer Rakes and Jester


Jennifer Spradlin & her 34 Year Old Mare: Keeping a Move On!

"Shebecca has been on GLC for a few years, since she started showing a little bit of stiffness in the winter. She has been getting along great, and the blacksmith always comments about how flexible she is for trimming. I did run out for a week or so earlier this year, and noticed a significant difference in her gaits. But when she got back on the GLC, she was back to her normal limber self. I currently have one horse, one dog, and my mother on GLC. I just wanted to let you know how much it has helped Shebecca, and my mother, keep moving with their arthritis. Thank you!”

- Jennifer Spradlin


Equine Nutritionist- Specializing in Performance Growth & Metabolic Disorders & Developer of Equi-Force Equine Products

"I recommend GLC 5500 to my clients because it is scientifically proven to be absorbed and metabolized by the horse. It is formulated to contain therapeutic levels of all ingredients, as opposed to so many products that contain insufficient amounts to exert any effect.”

Try Dr. Gill’s full line of top rated bone development and metabolic enhancers www.AMYMGILLPHD.com

- Amy M Gill, PhD


Recovered in Record Time with GLC

"This is Charles, my 5 year old Holstein colt. He has been on your GLC for 1 year and has recently had surgery for OCD. The results are amazing. He has recovered 100% from the surgery in record time and is now in work preparing for the YJC 6 year old division. Thank you for such a wonderful product.”

- Leslie McNiff, Whiskey Hill Farm, Show Jumping & Sporthorses


Former President of the Canadian Dressage Association Recommends GLC

"I have been using GLC for several months now and I am really pleased with the results. I see a definite improvement in my horse’s performance and I am confident that the use of GLC 5500 has helped my horse’s regain elasticity and ease of movement so important in the sport of dressage.”

- George Miechowsky


American Individual Team Gold Medalist- Pan American Endurance Championship

"Fifteen years old, eleven years of training and competition, thousands of miles conditioning, 21 one hundred mile endurance races, 3500 competition miles, and still "top tenning”, and winning the prestigious "best condition awards”, thanks to GLC 55OO!

DML Smoke Silver, owned and ridden by Connie Walker of Plainfield, NH is a firm believer in the benefits of supplementing GLC 5500 to her endurance horses. "I started feeding GLC 5500 in January of 2002, and have been extremely pleased with the effect it had on Smoke this season, clearly evident by his improved performance and attitude toward his work. 1 have tried him on several other joint supplements, but this blend has been the most superior product in my opinion.” ” I find it equally valuable to feed as a preventative for younger horses undergoing the stress of training as well. We have three horses on the product and seen a noticeable improvement in their flexibility, freedom of movement, and attitude toward work.”

- Connie Walker


World Renown 3-Day Eventer Says GLC 5500 is Fabulous!

"GLC 5500 keeps my horse’s joints cool and tight; the recovery rates using GLC have exceeded all my expectations. GLC 5500 is fabulous!"

- Elizabeth S. Millikin


Four Star Eventer, Professional Trainer & Rider- Horse & Human- Doing Better Every Day.

"I don’t know if it is too corny but GLC has truly made my horse a "happy” horse, and I was saying that before I even knew it was your slogan. He hardly has any tantrums about pushing from behind anymore. GLC 5500 is one great product. I recommend it for anyone with mobility problems. My mom has also switched over from Cosamin to your product, and she is very happy with it. She plays a lot of tennis and that can be hard on the joints, and she too seems to be doing well."

-Tara Ziegler

For exceptional training and sale visit Tall Maples Farm in Lincoln University, PA www.ZieglerEventing.com


International Grand Prix Rider with Okanagan Show Jumping Stables

"It is great for us to get the opportunity to show officially show the convincing efficiency of your fabulous GLC 5500 on the highest level of show jumping performance. We have been using your products with great success for many years now and we are happy to recommend them to our colleagues and clients.”

- Eberhard Bahle

International caliber show jumpers www.okshowjumping.com


Lameness Specialist, Ambulatory Medicine - Lexington KY

"GLC 5500 provides horses with the most bioavailable glucosamine and chondroitin components in the appropriate quantity to effect joint health and inflammation. This is apparent in the clinical results seen – improved comfort and better performance. I highly recommend GLC 5500 as the exclusive formula takes a logical approach to oral joint supplementation. GLC 5500’s higher concentrations have set the standard and provide the proper ratios to benefit developing and mature cartilage.”

- Martha Rodgers VMD


A Happ(ier) English Bulldog on GLC

"Dear GLC, I am a 2 1/2 year old English bulldog. I was diagnosed with patella luxation when I was 6 months old and the vet was recommending surgery on both of my back knees, I couldn’t play without my knees giving out. I was recommended your product and was skeptical but the human that tried your product was able to continue playing tennis without surgery. In less than 3 months I was playing again with minimal discomfort, now I am at 100% even my vet is amazed at my recovery! My favorite thing is to play fetch and now I can for hours at a time! I have told all my friends owners and they have also had amazing results (even the old dogs!) I can’t thank you enough for giving me my quality of life!!!! Sincerely, Sugar Lehman.”

- Sugar Lehman


Kathleen & Heidi: Sore hips are a thing of the past.

"Your product is amazing! I have a little rescue dog from Tennessee who came to us without much history except that she’d been hit by a car. It was evident when I started doing agility training that Heidi’s hips were sore. After just a couple of rounds she would start "bunny hopping” and lose interest in jumping the hurdles.

I tried two other supplements without any improvement in Heidi. After two weeks on the GLC 1000 she became a different dog! Heidi now runs through a field in hot pursuit of my German Shorthair Pointer. She bounces around the house and up and down the stairs and is a new dog!

Thank you so much!"

- Kathleen R Robbins


Darlene Williamson & Chase: Young or Old, it works.

"My beautiful golden retriever's name is Chase he is 11 years old. He was a perfectly healthy dog until about 4 years ago when he suffered a stroke which is called an FCE. Since then he has had problems with his left leg. Then yesterday when we awoke to find that he could not lift his backend off the floor. That was so scary for us. So I went to our vet and she gave me this product for Chase called GLC 1000. Wow!!! I could see a difference after the first dose, now he has only had 3 doses and what a difference!!! This product is unbelievable!!! Thank you so much, I am also giving it to my 2 year old boxer because he weighs a whopping 116 pounds. I will spread the word to all my friends and family. Sincerely, Darlene Williamson”

- Darlene Williamson


Brandy: Growing Old Together.

"My name is Lisa and I just felt the need to send you a quick Thank You.

I have a Golden Retriever, Brandy, who will be celebrating her 6th birthday on May 5th, 2009. When Brandy was 8 months old she was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia. Brandy needs two total hip replacements but due to cost that was not an option for us. Since she could barely get her hind end up off the ground I never thought she would live to see the age of 6. While attending Equine Affair in Springfield, MA the following November I discovered your product. The results from putting Brandy on the GLC have been absolutely remarkable. If I didn’t see the results with my own two eyes I would never have believed how this product could change her life. Brandy is now able to literally jump up to her feet from the lay down position and she is able to exercise in very short sessions. You have such an incredible product and you have continued to offer it at an affordable price for customers. I continue to highly recommend your product and have also shared this information with my vet.

Thank you for your wonderful product, it has allowed my dog to live a quality life and to grow old with us.”

- Lisa 


Bomb Dog & Handler at Jackson Evers International Airport. Making the World a Safer Place for Everyone.

"I have the only bomb sniffing dog in the area – his name is Quito. He has been used exclusively by the Jackson Airport and other agencies in the area, including Grand Gulf Nuclear Plant in Port Gibson, Mississippi. He is 8 ~ years old with OF A excellent hips; however, over the past year he was diagnosed with spinalosis (degeneration of the spine). This has caused him to fall down, slip down when making turns, avoid stairs, etc. and in general I thought I was going to have to put him down soon, rather than watch such a magnificent animal suffer. I had to board him a couple of weeks ago at Forest Hill Animal Hospital in Jackson, Mississippi for treatment of an ear problem.

While he was there Dr. Jonathan Mitchell, DVM, decided to try GLC 1000 on him to see if it would help with his walking. When I picked Quito up Dr. Mitchell asked me to go ahead and finish up the remainder of the bottle – 3 in the morning, and 3 in the evening, since Quito is 98 pounds (not fat – all muscle). After seven days I called Dr. Mitchell and told him the medication was working so well that Quito acted like a two year old dog again. He was walking normal, running like he had somewhere to go, and in general his mobility improved 100%. The following day I went by the clinic and Dr. Mitchell had an extra bottle of GLC 1000 which he gave to me. I have used many medications over the past year for Quito’s condition, but have never seen anything work as well as the GLC 1000. Quito (and I) now have quality lives again. Thank you GLC!”

- Quito and Axel Bickel


8 Years Old & Loving It

"When Brackus was about 4 years old I noticed that he would limp in the mornings, since he is a Rottweiler mix, I knew that meant 1 thing, hip surgery! I knew how expensive surgery is, so I spent years trying to find the right combination of Glucosamine and Chondroitin. Finally, I gave him some of my GLC that I was taking for my knees, and it worked like magic, he acted like pup again. He is now eight, and has been on the GLC 1000 for over a year now, and you can’t tell he ever had a problem …. Thanks GLC” 

- Chris Mason & Brackus



Surgical Specialist, & Co-founder CAPP Care Preferred Physicians Guild Recommends GLC Products!

"In my 40 years of practice I have seen many products come and go. I have been particularly impressed with the unique GLC formula. GLC 2000’s specific combination of metabolic precursors and balanced anion ratios, is the only product which effectively addresses glucosamine utilization while optimizing cellular membrane function and nutrient ionic transfer. GLC’s Full Spectrum profile contains the proper glucosamine and chondroitin ratios your body needs. And because GLC 2000 is a 100% pure product, it increases your bioavailability and absorption rates. GLC 2000 provides each individual the foundation for optimal joint health. In the world of glucosamine and chondroitin products, GLC is as good as it gets. GLC 2000 works for me, for my patients and it can work for you.”

- Dr. Sherman G. Madere

50 Year Old Hall of Fame Jockey, Back in the Saddle & WINNING After 7 Year Retirement

Hall of Fame Jockey, Star Jockey of Seabiscuit the Movie: Winner of 3 Kentucky Derbies, 3 Belmonts, 3 Preakness, Japan Cup, Dubai World Cup, Eclipse Award, 11 Breeders Cup Victories, and the Youngest Jockey to Acquire $100,000,000.00 in Earnings.

"In December of 1999 I was forced to retire from racing. My doctors told me I had run out of options; there was irreparable damage in my knee from joint pain. The bone on bone contact became so painful it was unbearable. Even every day activities caused great discomfort. I have had numerous surgeries and tried many therapies with little effect. I tried all of the other joint products out there and they simply did not work. Then I found the GLC formula. After a few weeks I knew I had found a product that made a difference. Within a month, the pain, which had been plaguing me for years, was subsiding. Mobility and flexibility were returning and each day brought the promise of recovery. Today my doctors are amazed. My x-rays "haven’t looked this good in years.” Now a short 10 months since the most difficult announcement of my life, I’m back in the saddle riding world champions. Not only have I been able to come out of retirement but I am able to play with my children, and play a round of golf without the pain. My family and I are so very grateful. The GLC formula has greatly increased the quality of my life. GLC 2000 has helped me to live my dream once again, you have literally given me my life back.. .Thank you GLC.”

 - Gary Stevens - Visit  www.GARYSTEVENS.com