GLC 1000’s patented and clinically proven formula (available in both powder and capsule form) is specifically formulated using all four forms of Glucosamine plus Chondroitin to support joint lubrication and cushioning. It enhances joint function and flexibility, helping to relieve discomfort your dog may feel due to age or confirmation.

GLC 1000 provides a safe, effective and affordable solution to your dog’s joint care needs. Please consult with your vet to ensure proper diagnosis prior to beginning supplementation.

GLC 1000 Capsules are ideal for finicky eaters that will not eat medications, simply give at meal time.

45 Day Supply

Patented Full-Spectrum Joint Care Formula
All 4 Forms of Bioavilable Glucosamines & ChondroitinClinically Proven for Improved Absorption
43% Absorption to the Bloodstream - Nearly Double the Competition
Lubricates & Cushions Joints
Supports Improved Joint Function & Flexibility
Safe for Long Term Use
Ideal for Finicky Eaters